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Our Team

Edwin P. Martin

Email: [email protected]

Edwin is a certified Public Accountant and Financial Planner. He is interested in BDCs, mREITs, value and investing for dividends.

During last 19 years he is a proud member of AICPA as well. He works as a partner in prominent accounting company.

He has a lot of experience working with closed-end funds, private, healthcare, pharmaceutical equities, etc. He worked with both, private companies and big corporations, one-person clients and firms with hundreds workers.

According to Edwin, he concentrate not only on quantitative but also on qualitative information. His goal is to give an idea or the whole strategy, using analytical and financial skills. This idea must bring profit to his clients.

He is a winner of last year Promotion award.

Orlando C. Souther

Assistant editor
[email protected]

Orlando is an expert in tech, IT areas. He is interested in long and short equities. Orlando works as a research analyst for many years, focusing on tech field.

Behind his shoulders is 25 years of experience. Comes led to success many famous consulting companies in IT sphere, doing investment researching.

In 2005 he has founded his own company Tech Analytics LLC. He started to provide consulting services to the big American companies, helping them to survive. He also helped well-known and respected managers with their investments.

Two years ago, semi-retired he began to write analytical articles. Now he is a famous author, highly quoted in media.

William A. Pierce

Business Editor
[email protected]

William’s main hobby and current daily job is value investments. He is a proud graduate from Harvard University with his BS in Business Finance, and MA in Administration.

He owns a designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.

Paul V. Bridgeforth

[email protected]

Paul is an investor and analyst. He specializes on long term horizon, and interested in investing for the rising of dividends.

He is very proud of his stock portfolio, which include big names at the market. All of them are profitable and bring him good dividends.

He is 60 years old ex sportswriter. After the Great Recession, his career was suddenly finished. After this happened, Paul did not give up. He tried his knowledges at the market. He gathered some cash, bonds and funds, focusing on growing dividends.

After the success on the market, Paul began to write advices for other investors in his blog. He was quickly noticed by prestigious media and asked for his opinion.

Kelly J. Oliver

[email protected]

Kelly is an active investor. He has 22 years of experience on the market. His main sphere of interests lays in MLPs, oil stocks, and other high-yield shares. From time to time he has a deal with a short-term trading.

He would like to share his knowledges with everyone, especially with new investors who recently decided to start their business.

Thomas R. Roop

[email protected]

Thomas is a founder and the head chief of Eric and Sons Capital. He is a well-known writer in the financial area. In his free time, he loves to share his knowledges with students at the local college in the Economics and Business Department. He is a faculty advisor there as well.